Potty Racers 4 – World Tour

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Potty Racers 4 – World Tour is the most up-to-date version of the popular flash game where you are able to turn a small potty into a fast vehicle that can fly. If we compare the 4th version of the game we will see a big difference – the graphics in this one is just awesome as well as the gameplay. It is very funny to play the game even for a long time. Now let me speak about the game itself. In this flash game, your mission is to fly for some distance, get money and then spend it in the shop to upgrade your vehicle. There are many updates, that can be made : you can buy better wings, better wheels, new engine, turbo engine and many others. This game is really very addictive, because of this awesome updates. You can also play the Gunblood Game for free.

Potty Racers 4 has one new feature. The game is called World Tour, so be prepared to travel all around the world, fly over the most popular places of the world and get your vehicle upgraded. At the beginning of the game, you start in America. Other countries and continents can be unlocked later. Another useful feature that you should know is that during the flight, you should collect the stars and fuel icons. The fuel icons can make you fly for a bit longer distance and the stars are for getting more money. To control your vehicle you should use the Arrow keys  + Spacebar for turbo during the flight. Hope you will enjoy the game and share it with friends. If you have any questions about the website or about the game itself, feel free to Contact Me M

Potty Racers 4 - World Tour, 8.8 out of 10 based on 555 ratings
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